Since 2009, White Flyer has called upon a group of top shooters in each of the shooting disciplines to advise us on everything from White Flyer target performance to target colors. White Flyer has relied upon these top competitors to give us feedback as they travel around the U.S. visiting top gun clubs and shoots. Through their input and reports, it has led to refinement in our target colors; target breakability and target design among other things.

All of us on the White Flyer Staff sincerely appreciate the job these “Pros” are doing for White Flyer. All of these individuals are not only “champions” in their own right, they also help the shooting sports through their clinics and daily interaction with shooters and gun clubs. We are very proud of the jobs they do to promote our shooting sports.


Paul Giambrone, III


Anthony I. Matarese Jr.

Zach Kienbaum

Derrick Mein


Nora Ross


Richard Marshall Jr.

Sean Hawley

Harlan Campbell Jr.

Pat Lieske

Desirae Edmunds

Kevin DeMichiel