White Flyer Targets is proud to announce the development of our new non-toxic and environmentally friendly “ECO FLYER”™ target.

The new “ECO FLYER”™ target shares all of the superior flight and breakability characteristics of our Standard AA and Sporting targets while being manufactured from non-toxic materials. The White Flyer “ECO FLYER”™ will be available in mid-2016 in 108mm and 110mm for Trap, Skeet, International and Sporting Clays. The “ECO FLYER”™ will be painted on both sides with all existing White Flyer paint schemes and the Sporting Clay specialty targets available by the end of 2016.

The new “ECO FLYER”™

  • Is made from non-toxic materials
  • Uses non-toxic high visibility paint on both sides
  • Has the same superior flight characteristics as present White Flyer targets
  • Utilizes black base material
  • Has the same “smoke” characteristics as current White Flyer targets
  • Meets all U.S. and International standards for environmental concerns
  • Meets all specifications based on ISSF, NSSA, NSCA, ATA and PITA rules
  • Has a breakage factor in machines of less than 1%

With over 120 years of experience, White Flyer is your best source for all of your traditional and “environmentally friendly” target requirements. As a result of White Flyer’s stringent 27 Step Quality Control Process and with the support and loyalty of a worldwide customer base, White Flyer has become the most popular target in the world.

To learn more about our new “ECO FLYER”™ target please call us at 713-626-1843.