January 2012

The New White Flyer “Orange Crusher” Target Will Be Your Event Winner!


How many times have you wished that you could make your shoot-offs, media and charity events more entertaining for both shooters and spectators without sacrificing target quality or breakability? Have you ever wanted a target that would “smoke” or “puff” orange when hit that would be the same quality as the famed White Flyer target?

Well your wait is over with the new White Flyer “Orange Crusher” target. Now each event that your facility hosts can utilize these orange smoking targets. Whether they are thrown during the day or under the lights these new White Flyer “Orange Crusher” targets will have the shooters and spectators applauding and reacting to each smoked target.

Manufactured here in the United States using a non-toxic orange powder that makes every target explode into an orange cloud of smoke, these new “Orange Crusher” targets undergo the same 27 step quality assurance process as all White Flyer targets. Available in both 108mm American style and 110mm International configurations the “Orange Crusher” targets can be thrown from all types of hand and automatic machines.

Call your local White Flyer distributor to find out how you can order these new “Orange Crusher” targets and turn your next special event or shoot-off into an “Orange Crusher” event.

We guarantee that the “Orange Crusher” will leave them wanting to shoot these targets again and again. Be an event winner in 2012 with the new White Flyer “Orange Crusher” target and in the process bring some extra fun back to shooting!