The White Flyer Target Challenge!
A 4X4 for a 4X4 at the Grand American

We are getting close to the ATA Grand American and wanted to remind everyone about The White Flyer Target Challenge!! “A 4X4 for a 4X4 at the Grand American”

As we hope everyone knows by now, White Flyer will be giving a brand new 2017 F150 4 Door 4X4 away at the 2017 Grand American Trapshoot at the World Shooting Complex! You’ll need to break the 200 Championship Singles, 100 Championship Doubles, and 100 in the Grand American Handicap!

To make the deal a little sweeter we are also throwing in a pallet of our White Flyer Targets!

This is our 125th Anniversary this year and we wanted to do something BIG! We are proud to say that we are American Made and we work hard to support our shooting sports!

Good luck to everyone and make your plans to be at the Grand!

The truck will be similar to the picture shown in this post and will be available for pickup at Iron Ford in Sparta, IL.