Richard Marshall Jr.

richard-headshotRichard Marshall Jr. is an ATA Hall of Fame trap shooter from Lincoln, Nebraska. Richard is the Head Shooting Coach for Doane University in Crete, NE.

” The sport, to me, is more than just shooting targets. At the core of shooting are the values that we should live by in life: honesty, integrity ,perseverance, commitment, hard work and dedication” – Richard Marshall Jr.




  • 26 Time ATA All American
  • Trapshooting Hall of Fame 2015
  • Nebraska Shooting hall of Fame -1998
  • 400×400 All Around 2013 Western Grand (feat only accomplished 3 times in history)
  • Captain of the Mens Team 2001,2002
  • ATA Grand Slam-1998
  • Grand American Doubles Champion-2000
  • Grand American HAA & HOA Champion 2006
  • Grand American Doubles Champion-2008
  • Grand American Record 700 Straight-2005
  • 9 Trap and Field ALL Around Average Leader
  • 50+ Satellite Grand Championships
  • 170+ 100×100 Doubles
  • 70+ 200×200 Singles
  • 25 100×100 HDCP 27 yard line

Shooting Tips

  • Confidence is a state of mind! If you believe it, you can do it!
  • Proper gun fit…is the key to every shooters success
  • Concentrate and use a catch phrase…”See the target”
  • Be positive and give 110% on every target!
  • When all else fails, go back to the BASICS! Your setup foot position, hold points and eye position

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