What Customers Say About White Flyer Targets

“Throughout my 20+ years’ shooting, instructing and setting targets worldwide, I have never seen a better target then White Flyer. From the quality to the colors to the availability, White Flyer is truly the best target available today. That is why we exclusively use White Flyer at M&M and I request them whenever I’m setting targets.”

Anthony Matarese Jr. – 18 Time All American, 10 Time Member Team USA, 2 Time National FITASC Champion, 3 Time Browning/Briley Champion and 5 Time All Around HOA at National Championships

“Through my 25+ years of shooting and teaching, the quality, color and consistency of the targets are second to none! White Flyer Targets are truly the BEST targets in the industry! No other target smokes like a White Flyer! Thanks you White Flyer!”

Richard Marshall Jr. – 23 Time All American, 2 Time All American Men’s Captain, 8 Time Trap & Field Average Winner, 4 Grand American World Trap Shooting Titles, 80+ Grand American Trophies, 50+ Satellite Grand Championships, 2005 Grand American Record 700 Straight, 2013 Broke 400×400 High All Around/Western Grand, Nebraska Trapshooting Hall of Fame Member and 60+ Resident & Non Resident State Championships

“In my 20+ years of skeet shooting, I have seen several brands of targets and one brand stands out the most – White Flyer. They meet all my demands across all of the shooting disciplines and provide excellent service. When I see White Flyer Targets in the air, I know it is going to be a great day!”

Paul Giambrone, III – NSSA Master Instructor, NSSA Hall of Fame Member, 15 World Titles, 21 400x400s, 5 500x500s and 17 Time High Average Leader

“I would like to state that even though we have only been throwing targets for about a year (approximately 350,000 targets so far), the best target performance has clearly been with White Flyers. Breakage and dusting have been very minimal; something extremely important when dealing with an all volunteer club labor force.”

Bill Grafton – Bend Trap Club, Bend, Oregon

Based on records of the National Skeet Shooting Association and its 2004 World Skeet Shooting Championships held in San Antonio, Texas, White Flyer is pleased to present the following facts:

  •  Out of 1,750,000 clay targets thrown at the 2004 NSSA Mini and World Skeet Championship on over 50 skeet fields, there were less than 1,000 targets that emerged broken
  • This translates into less than 1/8th of 1% or on broken target per 1150 thrown

“White Flyer customer service is the best in the business. We had a target problem and they helped us solve it within fifteen minutes.”











Bill Daniels