Three Quarter Style Target


From left to right – all orange, orange dome and “Three Quarter” Style

Now available from all of the White Flyer Target Plants across the U.S. is the “Three Quarter” Style Target, which is also called the “NY Style Target” or “DOP Target”. The same target structurally and design wise as the “White Flyer AA”, the “Three Quarter” Style Target differs from the all orange top or orange domed targets in its paint scheme only.

For years the debate has continued over whether gun clubs should use all orange or orange domed targets.  Equally divided are shooters that favor one over the other.  Based on the types of backgrounds that are dark or where tree lines are prevalent, many clubs prefer the all orange!  Some facilities with unobstructed backgrounds favor the orange domed version.  Many factors such as clouds in the background affect the visibility of either – hence, many feel that the “Three Quarter” Style Target serves as a great compromise target.  It shows contrast with a black edge in cloudy conditions and still provides a lot of orange on the top of the target to be seen.

For more information on White Flyer’s “Three Quarter” Style Target please contact your nearest distributor.