Zach Kienbaum

Zach started shooting Sporting Clays competitively in California with his Dad in 1990. He was a registered USSCA shooter before its demise and NSCA’s emergence as the only game in town. He grew up shooting at his local club River Road Sporting Clays owned by Bruce Barsotti. “River Road in the decade of the 90’s was truly one of the elite sporting clubs in the country hosting countless State and Zone tournaments along with very early American FITASC competitions such as the Pan American and National FITASC. River Road was also the site of the 1996 NSCA US Open and the first club to throw what we now know as Super Sporting. I don’t think I’d be the shooter I am today if I hadn’t grown up around this specific gun club and been exposed to Bruce’s target setting talents as he was definitely one of the premier setters in those days.”

He competed heavily throughout his junior years (Jr was to 18 years old) and into the Open class until 2001, winning many accolades along the way. He didn’t shoot at all from 2002-2004 as most can understand lack of time and money got in the way. He lost both his Mom and Dad in these years and needed to work on getting his career underway. He worked in the vegetable industry in his hometown of Salinas, California. As he worked his way into better positions within the company he had more time and money to start again in his passion for competitive sporting clays in 2005.

“In 2007 I had a life changing conversation with my best friend one night. I was working full time, shooting on weekends, and only traveling to out of state competitions that my 3 weeks of vacation allowed. I was number 14 in All American points that year and most of my shooting peers either worked in the industry, worked at gun clubs, or taught full time. My friend told me that the story of our lives should read like a book and in the end would have many chapters. I thought about that statement and the following morning I decided to quit my job and embark on my journey as a full time competitor and coach. I wasn’t married, didn’t have any children, and didn’t have anything tying me down other than having a great job and friends. Kind of a scary decision. Not wanting to just jump head first to traveling to teach I decided to move to Southern California and teach full time at Triple B Shotgun Sports Park owned by the Barsotti Family. I knew I needed to hone my craft and become a great “teacher” before marketing myself on a nation wide level. Triple B is the busiest gun club in America and allowed me to coach and learn to teach on countless competitive and novice shooters. As we all know, just because someone is a great shooter, doesn’t mean they are an effective instructor or coach.”

“Fast forward to 2012 and after getting better as both a competitor and coach I decided to move to Houston, Texas. The true “Mecca” of American sporting clays. I found myself traveling extensively and knew I needed to live in a more central locale. It’s proven to be a wise choice for both myself and my girlfriend Desi as we’re able to travel and compete more than ever before.”

“I love writing more chapters and I know both my Mom and Dad would agree……”

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